“I want to say, WOW! This is a great message for everyone to enjoy! My kids love this show! They are taking to heart your message as well” They no longer like going thru the “golden M”. When we go out to eat my oldest is asking for salad, instead of fries! “

Lorinda Buck


“THANK YOU for this awesome show! So great to have a visual aid for teaching my daughters healthy eating & support our farmers!!”

Charlotte Scott


“When is Season 4 coming out on Hulu Plus? My 5 year old is having a viewing party with his friends this Wednesday.”

Joanna Awoniyi


“Impressed with Nutri Ventures commitment to building healthy eating habits for kids through entertainment.”

Bill Frist, M.D.


“I love Nutri Ventures it is so fun to watch on my own.”

Diane Iversen




 “ I watched 12 and a half episodes in just one day !!!!!!!!

Ana Isabel Costa


“Excellent, really awesome for nutritional education, a big help for those who have kids with eating difficulties, much better than watching the cartoons on open channels full of adverts for food that isn’t real food, if you get my meaning.. I’m publicizing it on my blog...  congratulations to the creators.”

Thais Ventura




“ I use this music at my Children’s Parties and the kids adore it...  and so do I!:)”

Paula Carvalho


“ Hello Nutri Ventures Portugal! This is a fantastic animated series, with a very important message... My son André is totally addicted and he’s only three and a half ... When is it coming back to RTP2? Every day we’ve been glued to the screen, but they haven’t been showing it. We want Nutri Powers!!!! Please!  Continue the excellent work.”

- Madalena Policarpo


“ It’s not just the characters or the story, but the fact that it’s made in Portugal and recorded by the very best voice artists. I’d also like to thank all those who are helping to improve this World, because I know the series was created to reduce obesity in Portugal and the World. I know that probably just a staff member is reading and replying to these messages, but I’d like that person (who I also want to thank for replying to my messages) to show this message and send it to all the other people working at Nutri Ventures and even the directors, so they’ll know what me and other kids think of the series. Thank you to the person that reads this message and please send it to the people I just mentioned.”

- Catarina Amaro Ferreira