NV Numbers

The Business

  • More than 100 products licensed.
  • More than 25 licensees among Portugal, USA and Brazil.
  • In the countries where launched, Nutri Ventures DVD have been consistently on the Novelties Top 10 of Sales!
  • The Sticker Album was a top seller in Portugal.
  • Nutri Ventures' food products have increased the licensees sales, in some categories, up to 30%.


The Show

  • More than 1,000 minutes of animation already produced - the equivalent of 10 films.
  • 36 countries with broadcasting rights sold.
  • 18 songs and 16 video clips produced. 


  • On the Disney Channel in Spain (2013), NV has increased its audience share by 7.9% and in more than two-thirds of its airings has been among the Top 5 most-watched shows.
  • In Brazil, the series increased its audience share by 25% versus the previous series to air in its time slot, and is among the Top 5 most-watched shows in 82% of its airings.
  • Since 2015, airs on TV Ra Tim Bum, a closed channel of TV Cultura, one of Brazil's public Channels.
  • In the U.S., NV debuted on Hulu and Hulu+ (2014) and immediately become one of the Top 20 children’s shows on the digital broadcaster, ranking #7 among children aged 5-7.
  • Following Nutri Ventures show debut (September 2016) on QUBO and ION, the channels state that “Nutri Ventures show adds a lot fun to our audience with a special positive message. We can see it clearly working for our channel and audience.”
  • In Portugal, on the Panda channel, its audience share increased by 32.6% in relation to the program aired before it and 17.3% in relation to the one after it. Moreover, the series (in 26 airings) was in the top 3, for 38%, the top 5, for 50%, and the top 10, for 69% of its airings. Moreover, from one season to another the increase in audience share on Panda has been incredible.
  • On RTP2, Portugal, the series increased its audience share by 43.2% in relation to the preceding program and by 34% in relation to the following program. As for its top positions, (in 6 days of airings) it was in the top 3 and top 5 for 83% of its airings and in the top 10 for 100% of its airings.



  • More than 360 thousand children signed up to the Magical World of NV (PC games website).
  • More than 11 million (unique) views on YouTube NV channels.
  • More than 600 thousand viewing hours by children on YouTube NV channels.


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