Magical World of Nutri Ventures

The Magical World of Nutri Ventures (MWNV) has developed the animated series into a fun experience children can interact with. To enter the website they are asked to create their own personal Guga and then register.  The main goal is to win Nutri-Powers (healthy food) in order to play the Factory game and defeat the villain, Alex Grand. You get Nutri-Powers by planting food in the Garden or buying it at the Market with Nutri-Coins. They can be won at the School, by doing the daily quiz and answering questions about the story and nutrition, or at the gym by working out to a fitness video.

But there’s more to do on MWNV.  Kids can have fun at the Gugapark or decorate Nina’s bedroom, where they can dress Nina for different occasions. They can invite their friends to the website and show them their houses and what level of game they are at. Children can also learn more about their favorite characters, take photos of them and follow the episodes and video clips of the series at the Cinema.


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NV Runners

The app NV Runners is a free game for iOS. It ensures the portability of the brand and allows children to take Nutri Ventures with them wherever they go. The android version of this app will soon be available. In this five-level game, Alex plans to build an evil Guga and the heroes have to stop him, avoiding bad food that leaves them weaker and gathering healthy food that gives them super powers.


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For the parents

Part of the Nutri Ventures mission includes providing parents and professionals with the tools to help change children’s eating habits.  With this aim in mind, Nutri Ventures has developed a website - nutri-ventures.com/parents - where parents can find the basics of the story (to avoid long hours spent watching animated film), recipes, healthy tips and material for downloading such as individual place mats decorated with different foods and characters (Did you know this can increase the consumption of healthy foods by 20%?).  Soon, Nutri Ventures will be launching a mobile app – the Nutri-Pad – which parents can consult for information about different food, what kingdom it belongs to, what Nutri-Power it has, who talks about it in the series and what recipes they can make with it. Everything they need to make a real change in their children’s eating habits is contained in this app.



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