Education & Partnerships

Part of Nutri Ventures’ strategy is to set up institutional partnerships with Education and Health Departments in different countries, as well as Nutrition Associations and other partners working in this area. These partnerships allow, not only, the validation of all the nutritional content, but also give the project a seal of credibility and wider social dissemination as an educational tool.

Nutri Ventures was also the subject of a study carried out by the University of Liverpool in partnership with Universidade do Minho, that proved that children who are exposed to Nutri Ventures’ contents increase significantly their choices for healthy food.


PHA (Partnership for a Healthier America) - In the first-ever agreement between PHA and an animated series, NUTRI VENTURES will be made available for free to all U.S. public school systems. This means that nearly 60,000 elementary schools nationwide will have free access to episodes, along with more than 200 additional pieces of educational material produced by Nutri Ventures Corp. The Nutri Ventures characters will also be available to public school systems to help promote education.



Government Health and Education Departments and Nutritionists: By establishing partnerships with Government Health and Education Departments and Nutritionists, Nutri Ventures assures its nutritional content is properly validated. These partnerships have also led to the development of joint programs to provide education and health professionals with the tools they need to engage kids in healthy eating.



Nutri-Guardians is one of the programs in the process of being launched. This educational project will not only bring the adventures watched on TV into the classroom, but also:

  • Provide all education and health professionals (teachers, nutritionists, nurses, doctors, cooks…) with a range of free teaching materials on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, targeting children aged 4 to 10.
  • Encourage Children to take on board the message of healthy eating by learning with their heroes and imitating their habits, always through positive reinforcement and in a fun way.