The Nutri Ventures’ movement hopes to be a cause that will unite the whole of society in the quest to encourage children to develop healthier eating habits. That’s why:

  • We support the cause of healthy eating, creating and using the contents of Nutri Ventures and its institutional partnerships for this end;
  • Promoting not just healthy eating but healthy life styles;
  • Promoting confidence, self-esteem, and a positive body image;
  • Encouraging children to be physically active;
  • Our message is always transmitted in a positive way and is aimed at reinforcing healthy behavior;
  • We only associate with partners who share our mission to encourage healthy eating and life styles in children;
  • We would never associate ourselves with any food or product which was not healthy. For this reason, in every region we have recognized and independent partnerships to evaluate the nutritional quality of food products licensed by Nutri Ventures;
  • We endeavor to promote food production which respects the principles of ecological balance and sustainable farming;
  • All products developed by partners licensed by Nutri Ventures will be subject to a thorough evaluation of methods and production techniques both in terms of environmental issues, human rights and child safety.

This is our commitment.